A nice write-up on the Flynn Center Blog

Here is a nice review on the Flynn Center Blog for the show I did there in Burlington, Vermont, as part of my New England tour


When I left the Flynn after attending Miwa Matreyek’s recent performance of her latest solo work, This World Made Itself, I was feeling pretty blown away. I was expecting a show unlike anything that I had ever seen before, and Miwa delivered the most vibrant and stunning series of visualizations I’ve maybe ever seen. Miwa Matreyek’s mind would be a delightful and fantastical place to visit. Watching her made me feel as if she gave the audience a glimpse into her psyche and how it works. This unique showcase is one that I would urge anyone to attend if they have the chance.
— http://www.flynncenter.org/blog/2015/04/sleight-hand/