Year in review: Flick Picks’ top 14 cinema moments of 2014

11. How Miwa Matreyek melded animation and performance art: A Los Angeles-based multimedia artist, Miwa Matreyek integrates her body and two projectors to create a silhouette that moves not only in front of but among the animated images on the screen. In the performance I saw at REDCAT back in Feburary, her latest piece “This World Made Itself” was paired with “Myth and Infrastructure” from 2010, and the double feature demonstrated her evolution in this very specific form. In the earlier work, her hands interact with animated objects — lighting candles on a birthday cake, slicing open a lemon. In the later one, her hands burst through the screen so that her shadow is operating animated hands held out to the audience. It’s a performance that requires incredible levels of precision and control, and by the time she took her bow, she was glistening from the exertion of the past hour. Meanwhile, Matreyek’s work is non-narrative and surreal, but “This World” conveys a clear message about the creation, evolution and destruction of Mother Earth with a strong feminine voice. The result is mesmerizing — an incredible technological, artistic and philosophical achievement.
— Annlee Ellingson Staff Writer- L.A. Biz