Amazing time at Future of Storytelling Summit in NYC

I had a great time at FoST 2015 in NYC last week. Lots of great conversations, inspiring ideas, interesting demos...  some highlights for me included: talk by neuroscientist, Beau Lotto, about perception and the brain. Alan Gershenfeld and Amy Fredeen talk about adapting indigenous storytelling to new media - transforming Alaska's Iñupiaq tribe's stories in to a video game.

I tried a good amount of VR experiences throughout the conference, but by far the most exciting VR project I tried, that has FINALLy given me faith in VR more than anything else, is Tiltbrush. It was first demoed by Glen Keane on the FoST stage, and I also got to try it for a heartbreakingly short 2 minutes in the VR tent. It is so immediate and intuitive. It's like playing with spray paint in 3D. My heart pines for the next time I get to try this, hopefully soon...

I had the honor of performing on the FoST stage as well. I performed an excerpt of This World Made Itself, which was followed by a talk by Al Gore.