Music Links

a lot of people have asked about the music in my performances, so I wanted to leave some links here for you


Dreaming of Lucid Living

Anna Oxygen - R.R.N. from "This Is an Exercise" - can be found on itunes, etc.

rest of music by Miwa Matreyek, here


Myth and Infrastructure

Mirah - Shells from (A)spera - can be found on itunes, etc.

original music by Caroline, Mileece, and Anna Oxygen not available yet

but please check out their work on itunes: 

Caroline - Verdugo Hill, Verdugo Hill Remixes, Murmurs, Murmurs Mixes

Mileece - Formations

Anna Oxygen - This is an Exercise, All Your Faded Things


This World Made Itself

Flying Lotus - Auntie's Lock/Infinitum

Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus - Intro /  Cosmic Drama

Careful - No Title

Careful - The Water Kept Coming

please also check out their full albums:

Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes, Cosmogramma, Los Angeles

Mileece - Formations

Careful (aka Eric Lindley) - Because I Am Always Talking, Oh Light, Nightcat


Lumerence (short film)

Careful (aka Eric Lindley) - Quite

please also check out their music pages:

Careful (aka Eric Lindley) listen to The World Doesn't EndBecause I am always Talking and Oh, Light

Caroline website

Mileece website